ХФК БіоконBiocon Logistic Center is an evolutionary and natural step in the development of pharmaceutical logistics in Ukraine. The understanding of the need of changing the existing medical supplies storage system towards the increase in the safety and quality of the services rendered by all market participants has become the background for the construction.

The construction of the center started in 2007, and this center is unique in many respects. For instance, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) provided a 3.5 mln USD loan. It was IFC’s first investment in a logistic service company in Ukraine at the time.

In 2008 the first the first stage with the area of some 10,000 sq. m was completed, and in November 2010 the second stage of the Center (20,000 sq. m) was commissioned

Biocon’s Customs Warehouse and the commercial warehouses of international pharmaceutical corporations are currently situated in the first stage building.

The center has an advantageous geographic location, and there is a Quality System based on the international principles of GDP and GSP implemented to ensure the high effectiveness of work and the up-to-date WMS System based Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1 is used.

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ФармасофтThe limited liability company Farmasoft was established in 1999 with the aim of providing a full range of quality logistics services of medicines, medical supplies and veterinary drugs.

The staff of the company employs over 60 people and is the most important resource of our business.

Warehouse complex with total area of 2800 square meters, with convenient transportation, located near the international airport of Kiev. The warehouse is equipped with modern systems taking into account characteristics of the tasks, requirements to ensure the quality and safety of materials and includes zones with different temperature: 2-8°C, 15-25°C, -80°C and -196°C, as well as customs warehouse with an area of 500 sq. m.

LLC “Farmasoft” has its own fleet of vehicles equipped with security and sprinkler systems, as well as a means of maintaining and measuring temperature in the cargo compartments.
The company is actively developing new opportunities activities:

  • 2004 – logistics services was expanded in the field of clinical research.
  • 2011 obtained a license for purchase, storage, transportation, import to the territory of Ukraine, as well as the implementation of narcotic and psychotropic drugs and precursors.
  • 2013 – commissioning of the production area in accordance with the GMP system for secondary packaging and labeling of medicines.
  • 2014 – started a successful cooperation with international organizations in the field of humanitarian medical assistance on the territory of Ukraine.
  • 2015 received the right to provide Agency services for the sale of air cargo transportation on the territory of Ukraine and to issue dangerous goods.
  • 2016 – construction of an additional dedicated veterinary warehouse with an area of 800 sqm and a capacity of 2,700 pallets.

Having a high level of financial performance, a private customs warehouse and permanent export operations, we guarantee the quality and financial stability in relationship, minimal risk at a high level of service and maximum precision in problem solving.

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Farmasoft CT

Фармасофт СТFarmasoft CT LLC is a Clinical Research Organization (CRO) offering complete portfolio of services necessary to conduct clinical trials in Ukraine. Our mission is to relieve the sponsor of difficulties considered inevitable when running a trial in a new and previously unknown country.

At every stage of clinical research activity, be it before, during or after the actual trial, we stand ready to support our customers and deliver the best experience possible.

 Company information

Farmasoft CT LLC is one of the few companies that specialize in the field of logistics of veterinary products in Ukraine.

Veterinary warehouses of Farmasoft CT are the part of the Biocon warehouse complex. We offer our clients a comprehensive approach, professional realization of their requirements up to the world standards, taking into account compliance with local legislation. All the works are performed in accordance with Ukrainian legislation and the requirements of GDP/GMP. Work processes are subject to a single system of SOPs. The company has passed many audits of the quality control.

Briefly about the customs warehouse:
- Zones of the cold storage (2
- 7);
- Electronic system of the temperature monitoring and reporting about the breach of the conditions of the storage as the main storage area, and in the cold rooms;
- The specialized system of ventilation, temperature control 15
- Automated Warehouse Management System;
- Automated fire extinguishing system;
- Modern security systems: access control, security guard, vision-based inspection system with fixation datas;
- vaccine storage in liquid nitrogen;
- Own transport, equipped the special cooling equipment in accordance with the requirements of the "cold chain".

Bonded warehouse services

  • Validation of documents before shipment
  • Customs procedures and receipt of shipment for storage
  • Specially equipped isolated area for vaccine storage in liquid nitrogen (Dewar flasks)
  • Registration of non-conformity act
  • Processing of shipments in quarantine zone
  • Secure storage of products
  • Record keepingand monitoring
  • Information support

In case of necessity additional services can be supplied:

  • Delivery of shipments to distributors with maintaining the temperature regime
  • Delivery of shipments from Borispol airport with maintaining the temperature regime
  • Customs clearance of shipment (IM-40)
  • The terminal services and storage at the airport
  • Repacking of deformed boxes after checking for damages
  • Relabeling and stickering, if necessary
  • Registration of non-conformity act
  • Delivery of shipments to nonresident distributors
  • Handling of transit
  • Unplannedinventoriesand additional reporting
  • Clearance of promotional samples of veterinary products
  • Quality control of veterinary products
  • Acquiring the import permission for veterinary products
  • Utilization


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Apteka Biokon



Аптека БіоконLLC "Apteka Biokon" is a member of the "Biokon" Group of companies, which unites companies operating at all levels of the pharmaceutical market, with an annual increase in the turnover of goods and a range of services.

The Group's mission is to ensure the rapid receipt of quality drugs from manufacturers around the world to the population of Ukraine.



Associated Members

Bogomolets National Medical University
  Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design




ULC, the Ukrainian Logistic Cluster, is an association of organizations acting in the area of Logistics.

We provide effective networking with a big number of international partners and ensure close cooperation within the framework of an International Professional Platform, we have created and carefully support.



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