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The “ELA Award” presented by the European Logistics Association (ELA) has become one of the most prestigious and important European logistics awards and is much sought after by companies throughout Europe. Its recognition of outstanding performance is highly valued by both previous winners and would-be winners alike.

During an afternoon conference all final 6 projects are presented for the invited guests. Together with keynote speakers from the European Parliament and the European Commission this becomes a gathering of international best practice cases. With the award ceremony followed by a network walking dinner we close a very interesting day.

This high level, on invitation only, event takes place in Brussels. The national member associations of ELA determine the guest list. All member associations are listed here

Український Логістичний Кластер


Український Логістичний Кластер – об'еднання організацій які працюють у сфері логістики 

Ми здійснюємо плідну взаємодію з Европейскою Асоціацією Логистики (ключове професійне об`єднанния в Європі) та з міжнародними партнерами багатьох країн світу.



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